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Peak Jumbo Series

Got a yard that's uneven? Hey, no problem!  We've built this one with a "level" head, just for your backyard needs.  With all the best features of our angled leg units, the Backyard Adventures Jumbo Peak Series is specially designed to adjust for relatively un-level yards.  The Peak Jumbo (7.5'x5.5' deck space) with gigantic triple activity wall, your backyard will be the neighborhood hot spot!  This series comes in 3 different deck heights Adventure 5', Olympian 6', and the Titan at 7' tall.

Adventure Peak Jumbo 1
Olympian Peak Jumbo 1
Titan Peak Jumbo 1
Titan Peak Jumbo 2
Titan Peak Jumbo 3
Titan Peak Jumbo 4
Titan Peak Jumbo 5