What is the STBLZR?

It’s a simple question. Goalrilla, what in the world is an STBLZR?

Obviously, all the vowels in your marketing department have gone on strike. But I get the idea: “stabilizer.” What is it? What does it do? How do your basketball goals benefit from its presence?

Since Goalrilla rolled out this optional addition to their 60” and 72” lines, I have personally installed two goals with this gizmo. The (ahem) Stabilizer looks like some counterweight on a complicated exercise machine. The main piece, a heavy metal block with a small pendulum attached, sits near or at the top of the pole. Position depends on the model. A plastic shield comes down over the pendulum. And that’s it.

“So how does a heavy metal thing near the top help stabilize anything?” I wondered. Any kid learning to ride a bike or skate knows that weight up high is harder to balance than weight down low. Well, it’s not the weight that’s important. Whenever something hits the backboard or rim–a ball, a hand, your Uncle Steve showing he’s still got the moves–that impact vibrates the entire goal. Now, Goalrilla builds their goals to take any moves Uncle Steve can throw at them. The goals won’t break. But they will shake. If you’ve ever slammed a dunk on a goal that wasn’t attached to a gym wall, you know what I mean.

Remember that tiny pendulum? This is where it shines. On a Goalrilla goal with a Stabilizer, the shock travels through the rim, the backboard, the arms, and into the pole. But instead of bouncing back again and again, a lot of that vibration travels into the pendulum. Everything on the goal is firmly attached to every other thing. That’s why the whole thing vibrates as one. But the pendulum can swing free. By the power of science, the pendulum “catches” all that force and keeps it. Your goal settles down for the next shot. The Stabilizer keeps wriggling. Science.

All this means is that when you’re playing one-on-one with Uncle Steve and you slip around him and go in for that sweet layup, the backboard waiting to deflect your ball down into the hoop will not still be shaking from the last shot. Smooth as butter. Nice shot, man.


For more info, check out this clip by Goalrilla. I know, the narrator sounds like he’s been hired to voiceover the next Avengers movie trailer. But check it out anyway for visual aid purposes.

You can also visit Goalrilla’s website here. http://www.goalrilla.com/basketball-hoops

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